Excursions and Things to do

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic is a beach town that has visitors from all over the world. Its beaches with white sands and crystal-clear waters are simply irresistible to travelers. So, if you’re one of those travelers and are planning a trip to Las Terrenas anytime soon, read on to find out what are the best things to do for a fantastic adventure!

A less crowded but equally as gorgeous beach is Playa Bonita, which literally means “beautiful beach”. It is the perfect place for relaxing, feeling the soft sand between your toes, and soaking up the sun as it is tranquil, quiet, and not heavily frequented by tourists. Coson Beach is also quiet, yet has stronger waves. It is ideal for adventurous surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

Playa Ermitaño is a beach located on the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. It is a pristine beach of great beauty, the lush vegetation that surrounds it makes this place, a magical place where time stops, and where we let ourselves be lulled by the sound of waves bringing back the coconut fallen from the trees, incessant back and forth.

You will understand it playa Ermitaño is a small paradise corner!

This beach, only accesible by boat. It is after about fifty minutes at sea that we arrive on the beach. We settle down to enjoy the place and we are the only ones. The beach is bordered by a huge tropical forest, ideal for protection from the sun and heat and to eat under the trees.

While traveling, I often say that no photo will be beautiful enough to share the emotion that can provide the beauty of the places that we could see…

The Limon Waterfall is a spectacular cascade of 50 meters high, with a beautiful natural pool, located in the community of Limon in Samana, in the Northeastern Dominican Republic. This tour lasts 4 hours. The Limon Waterfall is plunged into a tropical forest on the Samana peninsula. This spectacular jump of crystalline waters located in the community of the Limon in the statures of the mountain range of Samana, in the peninsula of the same name. It is visited by thousands of eco tourists each year. El Limon, the crystalline hair of the Sierra de Samana. Waterfall of the Limon, eternal laughter of the abrupt geography of Samana.

It’s a magnificent exploration and excursion to the Salto del Limon with a pleasant and serene ride of one hour by horse through a dense tropical moist forest. Along the way, the visitor can enjoy the lush countryside and a lush tropical vegetation. At the end you reach a hostel where the tourist can rest and take a refreshing drink in a wooden shed as he prepares to walk again along a narrow path that descends to the skirt of the jump.

The Limon Waterfall is made up of three exits through which water flows through a solid green wall, a product of the hundreds of ferns and the presence of a high level of humidity in the area. It culminates in a natural pool formed by its fresh and crystalline water, where you can enjoy a totally relaxing bath.

Deep fishingprivate boat charters

targeting: mahi-mahi tuna wahoo
w/b marlin

5-6 hours
5/6 fishermen per boat

#1 panga 31’ 2 x 85hp $550 5max x fishing


Include: full private boat capacity Tackle/bait/ice/water/sodas/beers/ snacks / captain / first mate / gas

depart From cacao beach


#2 34’ 2 x 85hp $650 6max x fishing


#3 catamaran 42’ 2 x 225hp $850
Max 10 fishermen – 30 beach excursion